Our Services

Design and Technical Consultancy

VANN offers design consultancy for trucks, tippers, trailers - flat bed, tanker trailers etc and can extend assistance in building prototypes. VANN technical consultancy services has provided design and manufacturing support to major manufacturers in India like JCBL, Kailash Auto, Trinity Auto, Indico Motors and many more. VANN's passion is to design, develop and build custom trailers and truck bodies for various applications.

Distributorship / Agency

VANN has entered into distributorship/agency agreements with several of the well-known brands in the market including:

  1. Wheel Rims from M/s. Kalyani Hayes Lemmerz Ltd.
  2. Multi & Parabolic leaf springs from M/S Lamina Suspension Products Ltd.
  3. Brake Drums & Hubs - M/S Lamina Foundries Ltd.
  4. Trailer King Pins – Meet specifications / quality standards of VANN
  5. Container Twist Locks – Meet quality standards of VANN
  6. Industrial Oils & Greases from M/s. Veedol


VANN executed the first export order for hydraulic fittings in the year 2005. Our productsare manufactured to stringent specifications and quality standards mandated by the customer. We are glad to have been awarded the “Preferred Vendor” status by our client in the USA.

We can manufacture products based on customer needs. Some of the products VANN has been exporting include weld fittings, tube clamps, forging’s etc.

VANN believes in supplying top quality productsand meeting delivery commitments.VANN is excited about this opportunity and is further expandingbusiness in the USA and Europe.


We manufacture all types of trailers either to customer’s drawings or design & manufacture to customer’s specification. Our current product range under manufacturing is as follows.

  1. Draw Bar Trailers
  2. SKDs for tippers & trailers
  3. Cubing of tipper bodies.
  4. Base Frames & Skid Frames
  5. Chassis Frames for trailers
  6. Axles upto 4 Ton Capacity for draw bar trailers
  7. Vessels for Transformer Oil Reconditioning Machines
  8. General fabrication